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The Warehouse

The Warehouse is a web platform that enables our customers to quickly and permanently access all the diversity of natural stone materials we have available in stock in the Uggrec® warehouse.

No registration is required to consult available materials. You just need an internet access to get the most of the platform and find the ideal natural stone for your next project.

Main Platform Features

Access where and when you want

Just have an internet access to take advantage of all the features of the application.

Quickly ask questions about materials

Use the form on the material pages to quickly ask questions (example: price, quantities available in stock, etc.).

Compare different materials

You can compare up to 4 materials of your choice. Very useful functionality when it is undecided between one or more materials (example: white marble slabs), and is able to obtain, in the list of products that added for comparison, an easy perception of the slabs characteristics within your different blocks selection (example: the measures that more are part of your project).

Print Material Sheet

On the material page, clicking on the “Print” button automatically creates a material tab with the images and main characteristics of the material, so you can print or save as a PDF file.

Advanced Materials Search

You can now use advanced search options. Search by material type, by finish, by color or thickness desired. You can combine all types of search filter to get what you are looking for.

If you register (Free) and create an account you’ll also be able to:

Get access to your personal area

When you create an account on the site, you will automatically create a personal area that, in addition to containing your contact information, allows you to access and manage your favorite materials, manage your searches / alerts and consult messages and notifications received through the application .

At any time you can erase your account, but nevertheless enjoy the features that the registry provides.

Save searches and create alerts

You can record your search, which creates an automatic alert. For example, he searched for the term “Calacatta” and the search did not return any results because at that time we did not have any Calacatta marble available. When you save your search you are creating an alert which will send you an email informing you when a material with the saved parameters is entered, in this case a material with the name “Calacatta”.

When you no longer need to receive more alerts for the saved search, you can access your personal area and delete that search / alert.

Save your favorite materials

Create a listing of the favorite materials you find in the warehouse so you can access them faster without having to browse through all the materials.